Minutes February 10, 2019 Meeting Minutes

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  • Programming (Chris + Kaitlin)


    1. BOM – Last Month’s block was Giza and was paper pieced. Lots of members got up and showed off their completed blocks. This month is called Versailles. This month should be easy. Lots of straight lines, squares and rectangles.
    2. Tip of the Month  – Christina showed us her fantastic way to break down a color card and make it very user-friendly. She cut up a color card for her favorite line of solid fabrics and added magnets. She had a hard time looking at the color card as a whole. She uses Painter Palette solids from Pineapple Fabrics they have 168 colors. It took her about 12 hours over the course of a weekend and one evening.

Peeled row by row, starting with one column, so everything stayed in order. Trimmed off the pinked edges with her rotary cutter. They ended up less than one-inch square. Then she glued them to posterboard with a foam brush.

She had to notch out the brush so that it was the same width as the pieces.

She hand wrote the colors and codes on each card. Requires small font.

It’s important to stay organized. She cut them all out and had them sorted in small boxes. Decided that was too overwhelming. Bought a roll of ½” wide magnets. Then added them to a magnetic dry erase board. It’s so worth it. Makes it easier to play around and find colors.

Karen A – suggested that Kona has a printed panel of all their colors. Instead of peeling off a color card.

Jess P – suggested that we pay Christina to do this for all of us!!

Laura Clem. – made sure that it was clear that what happens at our meetings stays at our meetings because most people would think we were crazy for wanting to do this!!

Anne S – wants to know how long to colors stay in circulation with a specific company. No one really had a great answer. Colors usually don’t go away they just like to add new ones.

Christina also talked about how she uses the colors one she selects them. With many digital patterns, you get a coloring page to help decide on a layout for your quilt. She opens the coloring page on her phone, a samsung note 8, and also takes a photo of the color swatches that she has chosen. She then uses the eyedropper tool to choose a color from the photo and add it to the coloring page. She also mentioned that Suzy Quilts has a great tutorial that shows you how to do it in Adobe.

She also suggested that you add a magnet to your color wheel so that it is right there when you are deciding on colors.


    1. Challenge Announcement – 2019 Kona Color of the Year (COTY) – Splash! Members were given a fat quarter of Splash with some guidelines. Incorporate color into whatever project you would like. Follow clear use of color theory and modern principal. Must be quilted. Due at the April meeting. Bonus Challenge: Use a different color theory from last year.


Color theory discussion with Christina –

Color – described by three characteristics: hue, value, and intensity

Hue – the name of a particular color (red, yellow, blue, green, etc.)

Value – relative lightness or darkness of a color (refer to grayscale)

Intensity (Saturation) – the purity of a color which determines its relative brightness or darkness


Then you look at it from a color plus black/white perspective.

Tint – color plus white (red + white = pink)

Tone – color plus gray

Shade – color plus black (red + black = burgundy)


Different color palettes to look at on a color wheel.

Monochromatic – using any tint, tone, or shade of just one color

Analogous – using colors that are adjacent to one another on the color wheel

Split Complementary – base color and the two colors on either side of its complement

Triad – three colors equally spaced on the color wheel

Tetrad – using a combination of four colors that are two sets of complementary colors

Hexad – using a combination of six colors that are equally spaced on the color wheel, consisting of three sets of complements


Ratios are also fun to play with when it comes to color. Christina talked about making a blue and yellow quilt and using ¼ yellow vs ¾ blue. Yellow is such a bright color that you need to balance it with the blue. There is a chart that describes the color ratios very well in the handout.


Colorwheels are handy! Everyone should add one to their quilters box of tools!


Jess L – suggested these books for color theory inspiration.




  • Community Quilts


    1. Our Community quilt is at QuiltCon in TN. It was named Neighborhood. If you are at QulitCon please take a photo!
    2. Extra BOM Initiative –As your chugging along on your monthly blocks, why not make up a few extra to turn into a quilt at the end?! If individuals would like to do this, it could be a great way to put a small dent in your stash and give back to our community. Small groups are also encouraged to work together, pool their stashes, and decide on a color scheme for a group quilt.
    3. Raffle Quilt – Pauline is spearheading a raffle quilt. Tickets would need to be sold through members. We want to hang it at VQF, we will know if April is that is going to happen. Pauline can hang it at her family farm in Shoreham. We could keep the money for us for future things or we could donate a portion of the money to a local charity and keep a portion for us for future quilts. Pauline is thinking a 3 month time frame. The goal of this meeting is to get a team of people together. We need to be upfront about where the money is going.

Anne CW – talked about the guild she belongs to in Mass. They do two quilts each year. One is a raffle quilt and the money comes back to the guild for programming and one is a community quilt that gets donated to one of two organizations that the guild has chosen.

There was lots of discussion about what charity to donate to. But it was decided that the team of people need to get together and make this decision.


  • Google Drive Informative Presentation


    1. Trista gave a great presentation on Google Drive. In the shared folder, you will see the membership directory. If you don’t see your info, that’s because you have not filled out the form.
    2. The four things that are in the directory now are:
      1. Member Directory
      2. Food and Drink SignUp
      3. Mini Member Trunk Show Sign Up
      4. Member Resource List
    3. You can access Drive from your google account. It’s in the nine-patch up in the upper right corner.
    4. Utilize the search bar. Type in “VTMQG Shared Folder”
    5. The forms are set up with the proper editing access. Food/drink sign up, anyone and edit. Member directory you can not edit. If you have a change of name/address etc. email info@vtmqg.com

Britt R – Asked that we make sure that all tech talk/educational sessions are saved for after meeting time. Not everyone needs



  • Other Business


    1. Mini Member Trunk Show
      1. March- Laura Clements
    2. Social Media Workshop following today’s meeting with Tammy & Laura Cristelli
    3. Twin State Modern Quilt Guild: 2/24 Michelle Renee Hiatt She does Modern 180 for Deb Tucker and Sew as You Go.
    4. Newsletter – Send any interesting links/ideas/etc. to newsletter@vtmqg.com
    5. VQF has new dates this year, Wed-Saturday.
    6. Tammy passed out new membership cards, buttons, and stickers
    7. Birthdays – Adrian G (2/10), Carla (2/17), Chris (2/24)
    8. Kudos
      1. Anya: for hustling to fill up our Spring retreat with 30+ members, our largest retreat to date!
      2. To everyone who entered a quilt in VQF, wish you all luck!
      3. Jess L – Thanks for organizing the social at Zero Gravity. More like this will be coming!
      4. Clare GS – She is a featured artist the Artists in Residence in Saint Albans.
      5. Everyone that worked hard to get the community quilt out!
      6. Trista and the leadership team for their energy & dedication.
    9. VQF has some opening for next year. Marty has info about the positions that will be open for next year. Please reach out to her with any questions.
    10. Name Tag/Door prize drawing – The winner was Pauline, she won a notebook, a pattern, batting sample, and an extra Splash FQ.


For Future Months Show and Tell: When you come in, please place your show and tell on the couches. We want them displayed during the meeting. Becky will also be trying to snap photos while you are in line or right afterward so that we have some great photos for social media.  


Next Meeting: March 10, 2019  @ Vermont Common School, S. Burlington