Exhibit at the 2016 CVQG Quilt Show

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Champlain Valley Quilt Guild invited us to display a special exhibit at their 2016 Quilt Show. We put out an open call to our members requesting that they submit one quilt that is their best representation of a modern quilt. Our final exhibit had thirteen quilts representing the spectrum of modern quilting, and is now available here for viewing online.


Little Boy Blue by Karen Abrahamovich

Karen Abrahamovich
Little Boy Blue
60″ x 72″
original design
not judged
I have designed this quilt to submit for the Quilters Quilt the Blues 2016 Challenge. The blues used in the quilt are the challenge fabrics and I have set them on a grey background… still exploring the modern quilt genre!

Modern Citrus Sampler by Britt Richardson

Britt Richardson
Modern Citrus Sampler
68″ x 68″
original design
not judged
This quilt was inspired by the happiest, sunniest colors in the rainbow. I wanted to use this vibrant palette to put a modern twist on some traditional blocks as well as to highlight some more unconventional and improvisational ones as well.

Mash Up! by Virginia Umland

Virginia Umland
Mash Up!
30″ x 30″
This is a commonly found string quilt pattern, it is not an original design.
Yellow Ribbon
My original aim was to make foundation pieced string quilt blocks, with no actual plan. The squares unexpectedly came together to make one happy mash up of colors! I sewed all the fabric I had, wishing for more. This quilt was randomly pieced and fun to make.

meadow's ebb by Karen Lowry Reed

Karen Lowry Reed
meadow’s ebb
30″ x 40″
“Ebb” pattern by Carolyn Friedlander
not judged
Begun as a simple practice piece for Carolyn Friedlander’s recent summer workshop hosted by nido, I soon fell under the meditative spell of “slow stitching” and decided to undertake a wall-hanging. Fabric selections from my stash were inspired by our beautiful mid-summer meadow in central Vermont.

Floating by Adrian Garneau

Adrian Garneau
53″ x 53″
Tumbling Triangles pattern by Running With Scissors
not judged
The geometric nature of this pattern immediately appealed to me and the use of negative space is so much fun. I decided to flip the light and dark fabrics to really push that negative space back and make the fun triangle fabric pop even more.

Horizon by Becky Wigg

Becky Wigg
23″ x 23″
Original design inspired by Season Evans
not judged
This quilt was inspired by a minimalist challenge. It was an opportunity to expand my horizons and skill set. Since it was small, I also tried quilting with silk for the first time. The colors remind me of a sunset as it disappears on the horizon.

Quilting Makes Me Hoppy by Tammy Joho

Tammy Joho
Quilting Makes Me Hoppy
24″ x 24″
original design
not judged
It may not seem like beer and quilting go together, but hear me out. Two of my favorite things, it just made sense to celebrate them together in a modern wall hanging. With just a few colors and use of negative space, I hope to make this bottle pop.

Falling Sticks by Carla White

Carla White
Falling Sticks
37″ x 32″
original design
not judged
“Falling Sticks” is a modern quilt designed in a class with Jacquie Gering. It has high contrast, solid colors and straight line quilting. The quilting thread matches the fabric.

Sunspots by Dona McKenzie

Dona McKenzie
42″ x 42″
Quilted by Nick Hubbell and Dona McKenzie (Silverlining Quilt Finishing)
original design
Yellow Ribbon
This design is minimalist in nature and a great opportunity to do some intricate machine quilting. The colors used are those of the 2017 Quiltcon Challenge.

Color Shard Quilt by June Shen-Epstein

June Shen-Epstein
Color Shard Quilt
52″ x 68″
original design
Yellow Ribbon
This quilt is made as a collection of my early fabric stash scraps. It makes use of significant amount of “white space” which is a modern quilting tenet. The block pattern is based on a “wonky” triangle, and simple straight line quilting finishes the modern quilting aspect of it.

Domestic Improv by Maura D'Amore

Maura D’Amore
Domestic Improv
53″ x 46″
original design
VIP Choice Ribbon
I decided to compose a quilt in a way I never had before: almost like a drawing. I began with some traditional flying geese, then added “improv” ones. I made the house and kept playing. The process became meditation on the improvisation and artistry in my daily domestic activities.

Human by Rachael Arnold

Rachael Arnold
57″ x 57″
original design
not judged
From #lovewins to the passage of North Carolina’s HB2 and similar proposed bills across the nation, discrimination based on how we label ourselves and each other has been on my mind daily in the past year. Once we remove the societal labels, we are all humans.

It's Universal by Anya Byam

Anya Byam
It’s Universal
41″ x 35″
original design
Blue Ribbon
“It’s Universal” is my response to the upheaval and violence that has been happening in the world. Using only solids allows the message of peace to be clear and bold. Within the dense quilting, peace written in nine languages appears, emphasizing this as my wish for the world.

In addition to the 13 quilts, we had our current array of Make it Modern blocks on display to help showgoers learn more about modern quilting and how the aesthetic and techniques differ from more traditional styles.



Thank you to all of the members who submitted their quilts, and the additional members who helped organize, gave gallery talks, and otherwise worked to make this happen!


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  1. Anya says:

    This looks great! Thanks for pulling all of this together!

  2. Dona McKenzie says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous show! This is just the beginning!