Minutes April 14, 2019 Meeting Minutes

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1. Ice Breaker (Chris + Kaitlin) Ice breaker was people lining up in alphabetical order by first name, then being split into groups of four where we shared our top five vegetables with each other. One spokesperson shared some of the comments then, with the larger group.

2. Volunteering at Shelburne Museum: Katharine Noiva from the Shelburne Museum provided some information on the Museum and the volunteer opportunities there. The Museum has 39 buildings, which house “a collection of collections!” Shelburne Museum was one of the first places to display quilts as art. There are rotating quilts from the collection each year, and visiting exhibits each year. Each day there are volunteers who embroider, hook rugs, and quilt. Often visitors don’t understand that quilting is not a lost art and it completely changes the space, to have somebody in the building that is quilting. Kathryn is looking for more volunteers – there are currently 275 people on the volunteer list and help gardening, carpentry, greeting, as well as working in the textile building. With your volunteer badge you get free admission and a 25% discount at the Museum Store; 25 hours or more of volunteering gets you a free membership to keep or give away, or exchange for 2 guest passes. At end of October there is a volunteer dinner. Another benefit is a volunteers only gallery talk by the Museum Textile curator. Application is on the Museum website – at the bottom of the site, click on “volunteering” . can also email Katharine directly: knoiva@shelburnemuseum.org; The commitment of time is flexible – some people come weekly i.e. 11-3, and others come once a month, and you can come in for as little as a 2 hour shift. There is space for 2 people at a time; Wednesdays are busy. Weekends have the most visitors but are the hardest time to find volunteers. The quilt room where volunteers work, has 2 bright table lights and 2 chairs, and a table; additional lighting is limited as required to best preserve the quilts on display but you can bring in whatever you like for hand work. A Museum Guide is always on duty if you get a question from a visitor that you can’t answer. Claire Graham Smith, a VTMQG member, has been a volunteer at the Museum for many years. Katharine will check to see if power is available to bring in a machine. May 1 to end of October is the period for volunteering. Volunteers are welcome to do embroidery, cross stitch, knitting, crochet, hand quilting – really any textile crafts. 10-5 are the hours every day. 10”30 is a reasonable start time as the H and F building is at the far end of the building;

3. Mini Member Trunk Show – Rachael Arnold. Rachael has been sewing her whole life and her first quilt was made in 2010 – a baby quilt. Her second quilt was intended to be a queen sized quilt but after 10 blocks Rachael changed her mind and abandoned the project. Rachael incorporated those blocks into a quilt recently. Rachael has an embroidery machine and embroidery often shows up in her work. Rachael shared a traditional quilt that traveled with an exhibit for about 5 years, and tried her hand at hand quilting. Rachael started finding her voice by joining a group that tried new techniques every six weeks. Rachael shared her “Tula Gallery” quilt, an homage of Tula Pink fabrics. Lately she has been incorporating text in quilts. Rachael shared a quilt of gray linen, with appliqués on top, fully quilted by Rachael. She’s a fan of linen – she likes the texture linen adds to her quilts. She’s a fan of Cloud Nine solids and “yarn dyed” solids, as they have more texture. Rachael has kept 2-1/2” squares from all the quilts she’s made, and shared a quilt from that as well!

4. Programming Items
a. BOM #7 – members showed their blocks made this month, and a preview of next month’s block was presented.
b. Tip of the Month: This months, quilters entered their guesses as to what a toilet brush can do in your sewing room, on a piece of paper; the correct answers stayed in the basket for a drawing. Rachael was the winner of the drawing and won the (clean!) toilet brush. A toilet brush is a great too to clean fibers from your design wall!
c. Kona Color of the Year Challenge – Quilters displayed their quilts made with the KONA Color of the year (Splash) and spoke about their inspiration, and techniques. There were several appearances of last year’s Color of the Year, Tiger Lily.
d. New Challenge Reveal: The Initial Challenge. The next Guild challenge, due at the June meeting, is to make a quilt using the following guidelines. Using your initials (2, 3 or 4 initials, work with whatever you have).
i. One of your initials should present the main color of your piece. You may use as many or as few colors as you like. Use the current list of Crayola crayon colors as inspiration (put Crayola Color List in your favorite web search engine).
ii. One initial should represent the block or pattern .e. If you have an H in your name, use Half Log Cabin
iii. The third initial should represent the quilting motif e.g. Straight line quilting; Echo quilting; Feathers.
iv. Use whatever you like for the overall number of colors, background colors, etc.

e. Sew In Reminder → next Saturday, April 20th from 10-5. Free Sew, bring your sewing machines and rotary cutters; they have irons and mats there. Instead of your own project, you can also work on some Community Quilts – Anne Shapiro will have supplies.
f. Community Quilts – there was a brief discussion about whether or not Anne can work with unfinished quilts for the Community Quilts program: not at this time, but Anne suggested that people ask around to see if other people will finish them. Also, Jess Lukas will take scraps to stuff into dog beds, and is looking for upholstery or home dec fabric to make dog beds with. Jess will show how to make the dog beds, as next month’s Tip of the Month. Anne Shapiro spoke about community quilts: is there energy in the group to get another one going? A few people were interested and more people were interested in doing another quilt a little further into the future. If people have unfinished things perhaps we can bring them to the community quilt days, to exchange for somebody to take the next step. One attendee suggested that it would be good to have some sizes and info on quilt sizes and requirements for some of our usual community quilts, available on the Google Drive. Jess Lukas is in need of some thicker fabric for dog beds. Jess collects scraps; Jess will take fabric or completed beds.

5. Retreat Business (Anya Byam)
a. Sip and Stitch money is due now, for Spring retreat attendees that signed up. The Retreat is one month and one day away!
b. Fall retreat: At Bishop Booth property in Burlington, VT. Dates are Oct 18th – 21st; 2 and 3 night package and a “no overnight” package will be offered. Last year 3-night package price was $275 which included 2 meals per day. 2-night package was $195 last year. Day only was $140. This retreat will be limited to 20 people. Anya will probably have the same massage therapist on the Sunday of the retreat, be available for an additional fee for a 30 or 60 minute massage. Sugarsnap did the catering last year; Sign up will be posted to Facebook, posted in newsletter and emailed to the group.

6. Nominating Committee: June is the month when we elect our officers for the upcoming Guild year. A Nominating Committee is needed to present names at the May meeting. Need a nominating committee – Anne Shapiro, Kori Crane and Karen Abrahamovich volunteered to be this year’s Committee. Per the Guild Section 3.7 in the Bylaws Submit your name to the nominating committee if you are interested in being considered for a position. Laura Cristelli and Laura Clements share the position of Secretary which makes it easier to coordinate with schedules, etc.

7. Other Business
a. Membership Items- Tammy Joho is here today and items have been distributed to members that did not previously receive them, and are at the meeting.
b. 2019 Food and Drink sign up is filled for next month, but open after that.
c. Freebie Table Reminder – please take any items home with you that you brought, that did not find new homes.
d. VTMQG Library – the current edition of “Quiltfolk” magazine will be added to the Library, and it features members of the VTMQG!
e. Junior Guild Committee – Jess Peck and Ashley Wager will head up the Junior Guild committee.
f. Newsletter – Send any interesting links/ideas/etc. to newsletter@vtmqg.com
g. Birthdays – Patrice (11th), Karen LR (14th), Laura Clements/Trista R.(19th)
h. Other business: Marty Delnevo noted that Vermont Quilt Festival has 4 openings on its Board. Meetings are monthly; most are a Sunday evening teleconference from 7-9 pm, and a few are face to face Saturday mornings and are 9-12 noon. VQF has two paid employees then all else are volunteers. Responsibilities tend to be very concentrated Feb through April, then a break, then very busy festival week; it’s 12 month of participation but the responsibility is limited to a smaller window. Board member location doesn’t matter – for example one Board member lives in Florida. There are free accommodations for Board Members during the Show; there is a $1200 stipend for Board positions. There are 8-9 board positions in total. You get a stipend for meals, room and board during the festival – you can stay at the dorm and this also presents an opportunity for networking. Marty is hoping to fill positions soon as the new members can shadow the outgoing member. Board members also get free registration and classes!

i. Kudos
i. Laura Cleents. who sold a quilt as a result of exhibiting last year at our T.W. Wood Gallery show. Someone had seen her work at the show and contacted the gallery after the fact!
ii. Ashley Wager for birthing her tiny human, a baby girl named Reese!
iii. Karen Abrahamovich for having a quilt hanging in MQX!
iv. Trista Ringer (Dufresne), who recently got married!
v. Kudos to our Program Directors for inspiring us – the Kona COTY challenge had a great turnout today!
vi. Kudos to Bailee who bought a house in Vermont! Bailee moved here last July from Utah.
vii. Kudos and farewell to Sepi, who will be living in DC for a year.
viii. Kudos to the Guild, for always being friendly, welcoming, non-judgmental, and inclusive!! Not all modern guilds are open to quilting styles and quilters that aren’t strictly modern but ours is an open guild.
ix. Kudos to Anne Shapiro who celebrated her 35th wedding anniversary!

g. Name Tag/Door prize drawing – winner is Carrol Albertson.

2. Show N’ Tell

Next Meeting: May 12, 2019 (Mother’s Day), @ Vermont Common School, S. Burlington