December Monthly Member Spotlight: Jess P.

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No matter how long you’ve been in the quilting community, you know that no two quilters creative spaces are the same.  We all have our own organized chaos, ideas, and systems that we know work best for us. But get us in another quilters sewing space and we WILL go wild with curiosity.

We have all been there, which is why we’re launching this new online series called Monthly Member Spotlight. It is our pleasure to introduce Jess P.!

Name: Jess Peck

Facebook Name: Jess Peck

Instagram Name: @teta_pep

When did you join VTMQG? This spring, May I think?

When brought you to VTMQG? I was looking for a quilting group and had been checking out the MQG online, then saw there was a local group. I wanted something smaller than what the Champlain Valley QG would offer and this seemed like the perfect thing.

When did you start quilting? I started quilting 6 years ago.

Why do you quilt? I’ve always loved quilts. My aunt owns Yankee Pride and so I’ve grown up receiving quilts from her and admiring her creations. I don’t know why it took me so long to want to do it myself but once I did I was completely addicted. I love the creativity of it and that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be great. I love giving someone a quilt, and even greater is seeing someone using the quilt you gave them!

What was your most recent fabric purchase? A couple fabrics for the block of the month we’re doing (which I haven’t started yet) and some fabric for a baby quilt for my cousin’s little boy.

What is on your “to make list”?  Baby quilt as mentioned above, block of the month, finish any number of half-started projects I have going, I have several Elizabeth Hartman quilts I have fabric for and want to make (was on a bit of a kick of her patterns lately) and need to do something for a silent auction in December.

What is something you struggle with? Finishing! Lots of quilt tops, not as many completed quilts :/ When I first started quilting, my struggle was working with different fabric patterns. I had been doing beadwork using solid colors to create patterns, so now having to use multiple patterns together was a new challenge. Finally have the hang of that (mostly) and going back to using solids!

What do you do when you aren’t quilting? Usually knitting, although I also do beadwork and Ukrainian dyed eggs (although it’s been a while since I’m limited on space).

What kind of machine do you sew on? My machine is a Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 and when that’s acting up I go back to my basic Singer Talent (which is what I’m currently using because the Stylist and I are having a disagreement).

Describe your sewing space in three words? Small, messy, happy.

Where do you sew the most? On the couch or in my sewing room (which I share with my mother and her art). I really enjoy handwork and English paper piecing so I camp out on the couch to work on that.

What is your most useful (or least useful) notion? My Deb Tucker Rulers. I have several of them and use the Tucker Trimmer and Wing Clipper quite often, they are invaluable to me. I’m a gadget junkie so I like trying all kinds of things!

Anything else you’d like to say? I’ve loved being a part of this great group and getting to know people! Hoping to spruce up my sewing room and have more time to work on projects!

Show us some photos of your sewing space!

Check out some of Jess’ latest and greatest:

Thanks Jess for sharing your space with us! I think finishing is something we all can relate to. Maybe we should get a guild finishing sew-in date on the books?! It was wonderful learning more about you and we are so happy to share our second Sunday mornings with you!

And that’s a wrap for December’s Monthly Member Spotlight. See you next month with a whole new member and a whole new sewing space!