Minutes March 10, 2019 Meeting Minutes

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1. VTMQG has held meetings at Vermont Commons School for 1 year as of this month; this has worked out to be a good location for the Guild. Exciting news, VTMQG is officially a non-profit organization

2. Ice Breaker Chris + Kaitlin conducted an ice breaker: quilter’s bingo.

3. Mini Member Trunk Show
a. Laura Clements learned to sew from her mother, and made her first quilt at 15. She shared several quilts.

4. Programming (Chris + Kaitlin)
a. Block of the Month: next month’s block is “Half Timber” for the Freshly Pieced Block of the Month program. Two examples of this block were shown by Kaitlin and Jess Peck.
b. This month’s Tip of the Month was on doing a zigzag binding, presented by Laura Clements.
Binding general tips:
• Use a walking foot – makes a big difference; keeps the layers including batting, from sliding.
• After the binding is on, clip the ¼” seam allowance at the corners at a 45 degree angle to reduce bulk at the corners
• Wonder Clips are terrific to keep the binding down while you are hand stitching – better than pins!
• make quilt sandwich test strips from leftover fabric and batting to do some test sewing of the layers – especially if you do zigzag stitching to hold the binding down , to get the stitch width and length right
• An awl is helpful for keeping the binding in place as you sew

How to bind a quilt with mitered corners and an invisible join: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2egganTi2us

Zigzag binding technique:

Zigzag Quilt Binding Tutorial

Zigzag Quilt Binding Tutorial

c. Mini Challenge Check-In; note that challenge quilts are due next month! Several quilters have shared their designs on Instagram – keep the social media shares coming! Note that the Color Theory hand-out, issued at last month’s meeting, is available on the Google Drive, for anybody that missed it.

d. April 20th is the next Sew-In date. Note that this is the day before Easter. from 10 a.m. – 5 p at Yankee Pride in Essex Junction. Bring whatever project you’d like to work on, to this Sew-In.

5. Community Quilt Update: “Neighborhood” quilt is back from Quilt Con. The Guild needs ideas for who the recipient should be for Neighborhood and also Moonlight in Vermont. Milton Community Youth Commission (MCYC) has an annual December Calcutta fund raising event that could be considered. Jenny may have a lead on a non-profit group for the quilt; people should send ideas to Anne for where our Community Quilts should go.

6. Raffle Quilt Planning Team: The Guild created Community Quilts in 2017 and 2019 (noted above, Moonlight in Vermont and Neighborhood, respectively) for Quilt Con and although these could become Guild Raffle Quilts, the Raffle Quilt Team felt these were created as Community Quilts and should not be raffled off to benefit the Guild or others. A quilt will be created specifically to become a Raffle Quilt. The team is gathering input and developing some ideas for the Raffle Quilt program.

7. Jr Guild Committee: People that are interested please let Trista know. Vermont Commons School was particularly interested in hearing about this possibility.

8. Vermont Quilt Festival Discussion
a. Becky requested suggestions or reviews from members about teachers at VTMQG. Several members shared their experiences with previous teachers, and there was a brief discussion about some of this year’s teachers.
b. Sign up for VQF newsletter and you will receive emails and a notification when you can enroll in classes, etc.
c. If you volunteer 20 hours or more you get first dibs on class registration; if you volunteer 4 hours you get to sign up for classes next, prior to open registration. You can also sign up as a class assistant. Claire noted that if you volunteer as the assistant, you might be very busy so only do this if you are willing to have limited participation doing the things in class.

9. Other Business
a. Membership Items- Any member that didn’t get new VTMQG button and sticker, let Tammy Joho know; she will provide them next month
b. 2019 Food and Drink sign up: please bring reusable coffee mugs to get your coffee in, to reduce waste and our expense in buying paper cups.
c. Freebie Table Reminder: be sure to take your stuff with you if somebody else doesn’t claim it. Last month Trista was stuck toting many items home and disposing of them.

d. VTMQG Library: check out the books in the Library and sign them out if you’re interested
e. Newsletter – Send any interesting links/ideas/etc. to Anya at newsletter@vtmqg.com
f. Birthdays – Sarah J’s birthday is today (3/10) Marjan (3/14) Marty (3/18) Becky W. (3/20) all have birthdays this month as well.
g. Kudos
i. Tammy and Laura Cristelli. for putting together such a comprehensive member workshop on social media last month.
ii. Laura Cristelli for helping us find Vermont Commons School!
iii. Our Non-Profit Taskforce for making our non-profit status happen!

h. Name Tag/Door prize drawing was held.

10. Show N’ Tell: quilters displayed several quilts.

Next Meeting: April 14, 2019, @ Vermont Common School, S. Burlington