May Monthly Member Spotlight: Patty

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No matter how long you’ve been in the quilting community, you know that no two quilters creative spaces are the same.  We all have our own organized chaos, ideas, and systems that we know work best for us. But get us in another quilters sewing space and we WILL go wild with curiosity.

This Monthly Member Spotlight features Patty and her creative space!

Name: Patty Bartle

Facebook Name: patty.bartle

Instagram Name: @pattythenorth

When did you join VTMQG? October 2017

When brought you to VTMQG? I started making a quilt in July 2017, and met Kaitlin at Nido while choosing fabric. She encouraged me in the process and told me about the VTMQG.​

 When did you start quilting? I grew up sewing and made a simple quilt sometime in middle or high school. I just started making my first “real” quilt as an adult last summer! ​

Why do you quilt? I think it’s such a beautiful art form. I love that it’s a mix of science/math and expression.​ ​When I started learning about modern quilt design recently, it inspired me to start quilting. My mom has been quilting for a while, which has also inspired me.​

What was your most recent fabric purchase? ​I am taking a beginner quilting class at Yankee Pride, and I purchased fabric there in February for a zigzag ​quilt we are making.

What is on your “to make list”?  ​I’d love to design and make quilted throw pillow shams for my sofa! Other than that, I am inspired my many quilt designs and am already thinking about my next quilt. ​

 What is something you struggle with? ​Patience… I’m a beginner quilter, and I am also a perfectionist at times. That combination requires that you also have patience with yourself, and trust in the process if you want to enjoy what you are doing! ​

 What do you do when you aren’t quilting? ​I love the outdoors! I am usually finding a place to hike, ski or swim as weather and time allows. I’m working on hiking the Adirondack 46 high peaks. I also enjoy playing my mandolin, cooking, knitting, reading and hanging out with my 2 cats and dog at home!

What kind of machine do you sew on? Husqvarna Viking Topaz 30. It was passed to me from my mom recently, as she uses a different machine now. I’m still getting used to it. ​Lots of bells and whistles that I have no clue what they are for! ​

Describe your sewing space in three words? Simple. Multi-purpose. Bright.​
Where do you sew the most? ​I live in an apartment, and since most of my space is multi-use, I don’t have a designated “sewing only” space. I keep my sewing machine on my kitchen table most of the time. For cutting, pinning, etc, I use a vintage card catalog in my living room that is a great height for standing. It perfectly fits my 18×24 rotary mat! My ironing board is usually set up in my bedroom. I like this set-up because I’m moving around in the process, so not sitting in one spot for too long. I think my dog also loves following me back and forth every step of the way! He’s committed to the process.

What is your most useful (or least useful) notion? As a beginner quilter, I highly value my seam ripper. 🙂 ​I also highly value my essential oil diffuser, which helps with inspiration, patience and positivity when I need to use the seam ripper.

Anything else you’d like to say? ​I’m so happy I joined the VTMQG! I leave each meeting feeling so inspired, and I appreciate the encouragement that I have received. Everyone starts somewhere, and I’m thankful that many members have pointed this out to me! ​

Show us some photos of your sewing space!



A product of Patty’s lovely sewing environment:

Patty, thanks for sharing your space and work with us. We can’t wait to see your quilted throw pillow shams you design up! And oh the seam ripper, I think we all can agree that is everyone’s best friend 😉

And that’s a wrap for May’s Monthly Member Spotlight. See you next month with a whole new member and a whole new sewing space!